Learning Styles

What Are The Learning Styles

There are 7 learning styles out there, but there are four learning styles that are most common. These four are visual(spatial) learning, auditory learning, linguistic(using language) learning, and kinesthetic learning. Each learning style has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the person. For example someone who is legally blind isn’t going to learn much about the world around them through their eye site.

  • Visual Learning Style: Visual learners, also known as spatial learners, have the most success learning through mapping, viewing images or videos, graphic organizers, graphs, diagrams, and observing others perform.
  • Auditory Learning Style: Auditory learners, also known as aural learners, learn best through conversation, whether they’re the one listening or the one speaking. Lectures, audiobooks,  and group discussion are an aural learners favorite classroom.
  • Linguistic Learning Style: Linguistic learners prefer reading and writing to acquire the knowledge they desire. Chances are if you are a linguistic learner you are an avid note taker and reading is your forte.
  • Kinesthetic Learning Style: If you’re a kinesthetic learner then you are very hands-on in your learning preferences. You find it best to write your plan out quickly, doing the best you can, and learning from your mistakes. Kinesthetic learning is very




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