The Motivation To Get Started


Taking Charge of Your Life From The Inside Through Motivating Yourself

No one can truly motivate you the way you motivate you. 

Motivation is the rhyme and reason for our actions and behaviors.

Self-motivation is a crucial catalyst for any achievement beyond your current capabilities.

In general, motivation is a tricky subject due to its complex nature. Often times books, websites, and articles contain so many facts and details that it can overwhelm you to a point of being unmotivated to look further into self-motivation.

What Is Self-Motivation?

Self-motivation is the ability to perform a task in the absence of outside influences. 

We can break self-motivation down into 4 Key Elements of Self-Motivation.

  • Personal Drive: Are you passionate about what you are doing? Or is this a means to an end?
  • Definite Major Purpose: Are you doing something that will help you get closer to your major goals and aspirations?
  • Master Plan:  What is your strategy? Do you have a strategy?
  • Communication With Yourself: Are you reinforcing yourself with positive, negative, or neutral self-talk?  Are you able to see an outcome as simply that, an outcome, rather than a successful/failed attempt?

Self-motivated people display their strengths to act when life is difficult or challenging.

How Do I Become More Self-Motivated

Becoming self-motivated could be the difference in your success and failures. Having this key quality will keep you moving in the direction of your choosing, quiet negative self-talk, and achieving success in all that you do.

There are a number of “Top 10 Things You Can Do To Motivate Yourself” articles promising that this will solve your motivation problem, or lack thereof. However these quick fixes are going to do nothing but bore you, there aren’t 10, 8, or 5 things you need to do, there are only 2 Vital Facts of Self-Motivation.

  1. Motivation is the reason why we do, say, and think the way we do. It is the force moving you towards a meaningful goal.
  2. It is much easier to find the motivation you need when you see the task as a choice rather than something you have to do.

The Reason

The reason you are reading this blog on motivation is the exact what is motivating you to read this. Whether it be to become more motivated yourself or to help someone else become motivated, the reason is the motivation. It’s no secret, yet when we lack motivation we always seem to forget why we are even trying to get straight A’s, get that promotion, or achieve that goal.

The reason why, is precisely what motivates the second Vital Fact of Self-Motivation of seeing how what you are doing is a choice, not a chore, to get you closer to your desired outcome. You made the choice to be a straight A student, therefore tonight’s homework was assigned by your choosing, not the teachers. You accepted the job offer, therefore it was your choice to take on project.

Take Immediate Action

  • Set goals that both are SMART and stretch your current capabilities.
  • Take a half our or so to reflect on your day, week, month, and year to gain a better understanding of what’s working, what’s not, and what you should be doing that you’re not.
  • If you feel comfortable with what you are doing, get out of your comfort zone! Dare Greatly, be vulnerable and take risk!
  • Make a public commitment; make a commitment to your friends and family that you will achieve what ever goal it is you desire.
  • Spend some time learning; read a book, watch a video. Just make sure the content of your choosing is relevant to you in such a way that it adds value (i.e. Success HQ blogs).
  • View your outcomes as an outcome. Don’t get hung up on whether you did what you intended to do or not.

Make It Last

  • Acquire Knowledge
  • Stay Focused
  • Develop a master alliance
  • Build on your successes learn from your failures
  • Get Help and Help Others
  • Most Importantly: JUST GET OUT THERE AND DO IT! If you start something, simply investing your time will be enough of a reason to keep going.

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