4 Key Ingredients of Lasting Change

How to create global change in your life.

“Man is not a creature of circumstances; circumstances are the creatures of man.” —Benjamin Disraeli

Decisions, not conditions determine the quality of our lives. It’s not the teenager’s fault for not completing their chores, but the fault of the parent for not relaying their message in an effective manner that will resonate properly with the teen. If you don’t like the way your life situation is playing out, then create change!

There are three ways to create change;

1) Raise your standards.

2) Challenge and change your self limiting beliefs.

3) Change your strategy. 

We all crave more of the good and less of the bad, here is a tried and tested way to accomplish just that.

1. Raise The Bar

The singular most important part of creating any type of change in your life is by raising your standards. When you change what you are demanding from yourself you begin to produce the results you’ve envisioned.

“Changing an organization, a company, a county—or a world—begins with the simple step of changing yourself.” —Anthony Robbins

2. Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

All my life, through —elementary school all the way to college, I had the belief that I simply was a horrible writer. Once I demanded a higher standard to my communication skills, I began to notice my belief in my abilities grow stronger. I decided I would consciously tell myself over and over that I am a phenomenal writer. I practiced diligently and grew my confidence, eventually I realized that it wasn’t my writing abilities that were to blame for poor communication skills, it was my belief that I couldn’t write an interesting and insightful article.

3. Change Your Strategy

Developing a tangible strategy for making lasting change will provide a navigation system for you to follow on your path of change. The best way to change your strategy is by finding a role model—someone who’s been there; done that. Someone who has already produced whatever result it is that you want. We need to stop thinking that we can all of a sudden become creative geniuses and start something brand new because that rarely ever happens on its own.

If you follow these three key ingredients of global change then you won’t have much trouble creating the life you deserve. We all have our struggles in life and using these three concepts can greatly impact the way you view your world in such a way that you’ll have no choice but to create lasting change!

4. Lifelong Learning

Handsdown practicing the habit of lifelong learning is the most efficient way to handle change. It will keep you sharp and on your toes so that when change comes, you’re ready for it. Alway seek something new to read, watch TED Talks, watch documentaries, and always ask questions.

When life’s got you down and out then it’s time to change what you’re doing because it is not working. Practice everyday on bettering yourself through lifelong learning to know where to set the bar, know what beliefs are setting you back, and know what massive action you need to take your life to the next level.


Robbins, Anthony. Awaken The Giant Within. Summit Books: New York. 1991. Print


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