My Story

I always struggled with my mood and weight. I had no purpose in my life, no direction, no drive. I looked in the mirror and saw a person, but who was this person? All of my life it was as if I made all my decisions with everyone else’s views in mind rather than my own. I would eventually go to school for something that others wanted for me, I dated girls others said were perfect for me, I

Monday’s were the worst day and Friday’s were the best.

Was this all there was?

Just like anyone with no purpose, I  wandered through life trying to satisfy my lack of direction with alcohol, drugs and sex. As I became engulfed by these pleasures, I noticed that the people around me, the 5 people I surround myself with the most, dealt with the same lack of purpose and vision. I was the average of the five people I surrounded myself with—and I was the worst of the five.